Virginia KADPA
Korean American Disabled People's Association

The Korean American Disabled People's Association (KADPA) was started in 1991 by a small group of Baltimore area families with disabled children and volunteers. Initially formed as a support group serving a limited number of families unique needs and concerns, KADPA was formally established in 1993 as a non-profit, tax-exempt organizaton in order to expand their services to other Korean families with similar needs. KADPA especially seeks to serve Korean families with disabled children who are unable to take full advantage of available local, state, and federal services, by helping these families to overcome language and informational barriers. KADPA also seeks to addresss common concerns parents have for their disabled children's future. KADPA is dedicated in reaching out to these families, offering information, referrals, support and advocacy services. KADPA members are parents of children with conditions such as mental retardation, Down Syndrome, autism, cerebralpalsy and Rett's Syndrome. KADPA welcomes families of disabled children and other concerned individuals who share common goals of KADPA. Due to high demand in VA area, VA KADPA established in 2001.

Virginia KADPA
Korean American Disabled People's Association

버지니아 한미장애인협회는 장애자녀가 있는 몇몇 가정이 서로의 아픔을 나누고 장애자녀를 키우면서 어려움을 헤쳐나갔던 공통적인 경험들을 공유하며 서로에게 힘이 되기 위한 작은 모임으로 시작되었습니다. 회원이 증가하면서 같은 문화권에 속한 장애자녀들의 장래를 신중하게 고민하며 조직적인 해결책을 모색하고 회원들이 당면하는 여러 제반문제들을 함께 극복해 나가기 위해 사회봉사기관으로 성장해야 할 필요성을 통감하여 2001년 4월 버지니아한미장애인협회로 발족하게 되었고 2011년에는 미국정부산하 비영리단체로 정식인가를 받았습니다. 버지니아장애인협회는 정신발달지체 장애인들을 위한 모임으로 현재 다운 증후군, 자폐증, 뇌성마비, Rett’s Syndrom , William Syndrom 외에도 기타 이유를 알 수 없는 선천적 또는 후천적 지적장애 또는 행동장애를 가진 가족들이 등록되어 있습니다.

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Board of Directors Meeting January 20
Ski trip February 3
General Membership Meeting February 10
Picnic April 28
Family camp June 15-17
Water mine park July 14
Board of Directors Meeting July /August
Evergreen camp August 10-12
Apple sale fundraiser Fall
Nov family get together November 2
Christmas Party December 1
Mothers' retreat Summer 2019
Running Mate program Year round
Bowling Year round
Therapeutic horse riding Year round
Seminars Year round
Translation work Spring